QWISO Hash Guide: Instructions & Video

QWISO Hash Guide: Instructions & Video

Although ISO is not quite on the level of BHO it is stronger than Bubble though may not be that healthy or good. Use only Kief or Bubble Hash then there is no chlorophyll to remove. Heat and Vac purge and you could still get some oil that is grade A. Also the risk involved in making BHO is removed when making ISO. It is also cheaper and can be made indoors.


  • Kief of Bubble hash
  • 91% Isopropyl


  • Metal mesh strainer
  • Bubble bag
  • 4 Unbleached coffee filters
  • 2 Mason jar
  • Additional strainers and coffee filters
  • 2 Pyrex glass dishes
  • Electric griddle
  • Wax paper
  • Razor blade


Setting the equipment is important in this process. So the first step is to set up your strainer. For this place the bubble bag inside the mesh strainer. Now place 3 to 4 unbleached coffee filters inside the bubble bag. Place this strainer with filtration on top of a mason jar. This is used to catch your first run. Now have your “catch jars” set up with strainers on top.

Next, set up your additional strainers with either more bubble bags and coffee filters or simply plain coffee filters. It is better to use coffee filters for run 2 and 3

Take about 100mu of pressed hash basically Kief and place it in another Mason jar. If you have more material then use a bigger jar. For 100mu a small jar will do nicely. Break down the material inside the Mason jar. Add just enough 91% Isopropyl alcohol to barely cover the top of the material. Let it sit for 10 seconds. After you have let the material absorb for 10 seconds then gently swish the Mason jar in a circular movement for another 20-30 seconds.

Hold the base strainer to filter this run into the previously constructed catch jars and pour your material through your base strainer into your catch jars. Now you have your ‘liquid gold’. This liquid gold contains your final product.

Turn on the electric griddle between 115 -135°F. If your griddle doesn’t go that low then set it at its lowest setting possible. Now place your glass baking dishes on top of the griddle. Once your glass dishes are placed on the griddle pour in your ‘liquid gold’ This part takes quite some time depending on how much liquid and starting material you have which could be 30 minutes to several hours.

You will know you are close to your treasure when all the liquid evaporates. So don’t get impatient but wait for the fruit will surely be the better for the ripening. Wait till all the liquid has evaporated to leave you with wax/oil. Let this sit for 10 to 20 minutes to cool off. Now grab a razor blade to scrape up your wax/oil. Once collected wipe the oil off onto a parchment paper

Final heat purge

Take the parchment paper containing the wax and place it back inside the glass dishes. Place something heavy to hold down the paper. You could use coins. Depending on how much final wax you have this could take time. Remember your griddle is still set at 115 -135°F this final heat purge takes about one hour for one gram or so.

Once the heat purge is done you will have a solvent free extract that is full melt. If you are feeling really good about yourself you could Vac purge. This is basically for those who want something stronger than Bubble but either don’t have the space to make BHO or don’t want to be exposed to highly combustible gases. You can make QWISO indoors since ISO is a liquid. Don’t forget to ventilate so open out windows and use fans. As always, check out the video below for a visual walkthrough of the directions above.:


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