Oven Mitts

There’s nothing wrong with cooking in style! That’s why we put together a collection of the hottest 420 oven mitts on the market. We did the work for you sorting each mitt by picture, description, rating and price. We’re constantly reviewing and adding new mitts to the list so you are guaranteed to find the latest and greatest here. From funny to functional, we have them all.

Picture Oven Mitt Rating Price
Picture Oven Mitt Rating Price
pot_weed_high_hippie_cronic_oven_mitt Black with Green Pot Leaves Oven Mitt 4.9 $16.00
x_oven_mitt White with Green Pot Leaves Oven Mitt 4.7 $16.00
Real Pot Leaf Oven Mitt Real Single Leaf Oven Mitt 4.4 $16.00
rasta cannabis leaves oven mitt Rasta Cannabis Leaves Oven Mitt 4.6 $16.00
marijuana_leaf_heart_oven_mitt Green Marijuana Leaf Heart Oven Mitt 4.8 $16.00
marijuana_green_leaves_on_black_oven_mitt Green Marijuana Leaves on Black Mitt 4.9 $16.00
buds oven mitt Buds Oven Mitt 5.0 $16.00
cannabis_sativa_bud_oven_mitt Cannabis Sativa Bud Oven Mitt 4.9 $16.00