How to Make Shatter BHO

How to Make Shatter BHO

Shatter hash is simply a potent THC extraction. The final product, Shatter, contains a high concentration of THC so you don’t need to use as much product. Shatter is solid and clear with a smooth surface and is a much simpler yet more powerful way to get a buzz. Below are simple instructions for making your own Shatter hashwith simple equipment in no time at all.


You will need the following items:

  • Two (2) Pyrex pie pans (one needs to fit comfortably inside of the other)
  • A glass tube for extraction. If you can’t find one go buy a stainless-steel turkey baster; this will do the tric
  • Vector Butane; you will need to have an attachment that fits on the end of your extraction tube. If you cannot get Vector a simple test will tell you if another type of butane is usable. Just spray the butane on a mirror and let it evaporate. When it’s gonea smelly whitish film means you can’t use the butane.
  • Anywhere from 10 grams to ½ ounce of really good ganja (pharmaceutical is always preferential!). You need to have enough of the cabbage to pack your tube so there are NO POCKETS OF AIR INSIDE. You don’t want to pack it so tightly you experience a backfire, or ‘blow-back’, so blow throw the tube to make sure air can pass through as needed.
  • A thermometer; a laser thermometer is the implement of choice if you can get one.
  • Non-bleached coffee filters; these will need to be doubled up for the process
  • A towel or large bandanna
  • Rubber bands
  • An large insulated cup or container, like a Thermos®

Time to get started!

Step 1: Pack your tube with your doobage

Do just what we talked about earlier…it’s that simple. Pack the tube but make sure air can get through.

Step 2: Use the doubled-up filters to cover the large end of the tube

Once you have the weed in the tube and the filters over the end secure the filters tightly with a good strong rubber band.

Step 3: Put water on the stove; set the temp just under ‘high’

Watch the water close; use your thermometer to check the temperature and when the water hits 160 degrees pour it in your Thermos® to keep it hot.

The next step requires plenty of ventilation so go outside and stay away from anything flammable.  THE NEXT STEP HAS THE POTENTIAL FOR COMBUSTABILITY!! EXERCISE CAUTION!!

Step 4: Put just enough water in the bottom of the larger Pyrex pan to just cover it

The small pan should then be placed inside the large one with the water in it.

Step 5: Wrap your towel or bandanna around the tube well

The tube is going to get ice cold; you have to protect your hands because you CAN get frostbitten.

Step 6: Hold the tube, filter down, approximately 3 or 4 inches over the Pyrex pan

It may splash, so don’t hold it too far away, but don’t let the filter touch the bottom of the pan.

Step 7: Fit tip attachment onto the top of the glass tube

Your butane may be equipped with one already.

Step 8: Place the tip of the butane into the tip attachment on the top of the tube

Apply pressure VERY SLOWLYuntil you see the butane liquid touch the pan below; at that point ease the pressure for 5-7 seconds or so. Repeat this step until the container of butane is empty. Make sure to shake the can around toward the end as this will ensure you get all the buds in the middle of the tube.

Step 9: Let the pan sit in the water until the water is completely cool

Once it is cool replace it with more hot water and let that cool as well. After 15 minutes in the second batch of water put your stuff in an area which is well ventilated with no direct sunlight and is not in freezing temperatures. It will need to sit for a period of 48 to 56 hours. The completed product will yield about 3 grams per half-ounce of weed used. Enjoy!


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