How to Properly Dose Your Edibles

How to Properly Dose Your Edibles

Cannabis foods, often referred to as weed-infused edibles, are consumed either for medicinal purposes or just for the heck of it. Regardless of what it is used for, you need to be careful about the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) dosage used to make cannabutter or canna oils. It should also be noted that cannabis affects your driving ability while impaired. It is important to remember that cannabis is not just any drug—it’s a drug that has medicinal properties and hence it is very important to monitor not only dosage but also quality.

That is why THC so important; it is the central chemical that’s responsible for alleviating pain and causing changes in behavior. It does this by binding to nerve cell receptors, so too much or too little of it could have unexpected side-effects.

This means that it is important to identify the percentage of THC present in the weed. It is generally believed that 10 percent for marijuana-infused edibles is a safe level to start with. So those who are using cannabutter or canna oils for cooking or baking at home need to ensure that they use no more than 10mg THC– at least to begin with.

Weed-infused edibles affect different people differently and you need to be aware of the broader picture in order to know how much of THC will be present in say a 100 mg cookie or brownie. Once you know this then you can adjust your dosage accordingly.

So we see how important it is to make cannabutter or canna oils with the right amount of THC present as this is going to form the base of all marijuana infused weed edibles.

By knowing how many milligrams of THC is used and how many servings the recipe yield, it’s easy to calculate the amount of THC that is approximately present in each serving and the amount of cannabutter that was used.

It’s always better to go slow with weed-infused edibles and adjust dosages depending on how you feel- whether the pain is lessened or how soon or late reaction sets in if you take a particular number of cookies or mints or chocolate bars and how long the sensation is present. Sometimes the effects cannot be felt immediately; its effect is only felt after hours—so make your decision then. If you feel it is less,you can always take more, but if you take in excess, remember there is no going back and the after effects may be something that you never wanted.

Once you’ve decided to make marijuana edibles, the basic thing required would be cannabutter, which is got by infusing cannabis with butter. By using this butter into a brownie or cookie recipe, it’s transformed into a marijuana-infused dish. So what this actually boils down to is this—calculate the amount of THC and ensure that its level is optimum.

Mike Brodeur, the manager at Ganja Gourmet, which is a medical-marijuana dispensary and edible store in Denver, believes that weed edibles “work for the entire body and provide a more intense, longer-lasting high and also adds that smoking does nothing for pain, whereas edibles actually work for the real patient.”

Calculating THC dosage for weed-infused recipes is important- do remember this when you bake weed-edibles.


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