How to Make Gumby Bubble Hash: Tutorial & Video

How to Make Gumby Bubble Hash: Tutorial & Video

A superior method that is used to extract bubble hash is the ‘Gumby method’ that uses only water based gravity filtration to build up sediments so that resin glands can be easily extracted. This method requires equipment that is easily available at home and does not need silk screens, expensive bubble bags, tumbler drums or dry sieving to extract or process resin glands.


  • 750gms trim preferably ‘White Rhino’ strain
  • 4 ice-cream pails of ice
  • Cold water


  • 4 five gallon plastic buckets
  • Electric drill
  • Mesh/ salad screen
  • Plastic bag
  • 6 to 7 foot hose pipe
  • Turkey baste
  • Glass jars
  • Heating pad
  • A light bulb
  • Small fan
  • Wax paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Latex gloves
  • Paper napkin
  • Aquarium tucking


The process begins with an ice wash. This is the most important part of the process as the cold ice hardens the resin glands for easy extraction. Use the high quality ‘White Rhino’ trim for best results. Fill one 5 gallon bucket with cold water. Add one ice-cream pail of ice and then add the 1/4th part of the 750gm trim. With an electric drill aggressively agitate for a full 10 minutes. If you are not sure about the resin glands hardening properly you could drill the ice and hash for 15 minutes to ensure that the resin heads are removed and can be easily collected.

After 10 to 15 minutes of aggressive agitation, use the screen to remove the spent swag from the bucket. Put on your latex gloves as the water will be icy. Squeeze out swag thoroughly before removing from the screen. Place waste swag in a plastic bag. Remove any ice cubes still in the water and use them in the next bucket wash. Keep screening the water till you have very clean clear water that is golden brown in colour. Clean the swag fully from the wash bucket. Next place a screen on a clean bucket and pour this wash into it. You now have the “gumbo wash” and have to wait patiently for gravity to do the rest.

Repeat this process three times more till you have 4 buckets of clean gumbo wash. Allow the buckets to sit for 4 hours. Do not touch or move the gumbo wash water as the water has to be absolutely still and motionless. After four hours, use the hose to siphon off the water from the buckets to about ½ inch above the resin heads settled at the bottom of the bucket. Make sure you don’t get the hose too near your precious resin heads. You could use a turkey baste to get the last of the water out till you get the desired ½ inch of water at the bottom with the resin heads below.

Take a glass jar and pour the full contents of the gumbo wash. Make sure to swirl the bucket a bit so that all your precious resin heads go into the jar. Allow these to sit for two hours and watch with glee the resin glands collecting at the bottom. After two hours, use a piece of aquarium tucking to siphon the water out from the glass jar. Once you have siphoned off as much water as you can then suck out the remaining resin water through a turkey baste and place the mixture into a bowl lined with a double sheet of wax paper or aluminum foil.

Begin the drying process now. Place a heating pad, a light bulb and a small fan around the resin. Keep monitoring the drying process. If you feel there is too much water and you want to speed up the process then soak up the water with a paper napkin without hurting the resin heads. The drying process will take several hours. Once it’s dry you will have a huge nugget. Dry for a few hours more and then finally roll the sticky black when the water is 75% dry. Roll into a ball till you see perfection. This ball will give you about 5.4 grams and will bubble like crazy. So this means you get roughly 15% of resin volume from 750gms of trim.

Enjoy your feast. However, before you get stoned clean up the equipment! Check this out on video here:


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