Cannabutter Recipe

Cannabutter Recipe

How to Make ABV Cannabutter

One of the best and most effective uses for ABV (Already Been Vaped) bud is making edibles with cannabutter.  Below are simple instructions for making your very own ABV Cannabutter with little to no hassle, so gather together the items you need and get moving; you will have time to relax soon enough!

What you will need:

  • Strainer (mesh works well)
  • Vaporized marijuana: 1 oz. per one ounce of butter you want to make is the rule. You can use more or less, but don’t go less than one ounce of vape for a quarter pound of butter.
  • Cheese cloth
  • Unsalted butter (the amount will depend on the above factors)
  • A crock pot or slow cooker (use of this will provide the very best product in the end). Make sure the crock pot is large enough to hold the product and the butter you want to make while completely covered in water
  • Water

What you should do now:

Step 1: Grind up the vaporized pot until its fine but not powdery

If it’s already in powder form it will do nonetheless.

Step 2: Put the ground up weed and butter into the crock pot

As stated above, put just enough water in the pot to cover the butter and the vaped weed.

Step 3: Stir everything up

Pay special attention to break up any clumps of your weed product.

Step 4: Put the crockpot on low

Now you will allow the mixture to simmer at this setting for a full 24 hours. If you turn it up any higher the butter will scorch, turning it brown; it is best to leave it on low the entire time. Also, the smell is going to travel all over your home so if you live in an apartment or condo it is probably a good idea to find another spot.

Make sure to stir the concoction periodically and keep looking out for clumps of pot to break up. If for any reason you can’t give the mix a full 24 hours you can turn up the heat to a higher setting and let it steep for half the time, stirring it frequently, but keep in mind that you are going to lose a fairly substantial amount of THC if you do this.

Do not put the setting on high and do not bring your mix to a boil. You won’t lose THC when steam escapes and if you leave it on low you are going to get back a fairly equal return butter-wise.

Step 5: After one day turn off the crockpot

Step 6: Line your mesh strainer with the cheesecloth. If you could not get a mesh strainer just use the cheesecloth alone.

Step 7: Put a large container beneath the strainer or cheesecloth and slowly pour your concoction through it

Exercise caution, as the product will be hot.

Step 8: Allow all the liquid to drain through and then wrap the butter in the cheesecloth

Using your hands squeeze the product until you get as much of the left over liquid out as possible. The mixture should be a greenish color; if it is brown the butter scorched. It will still be okay, just not optimal.

Step 9: If chunks of the vaped marijuana are still visible strain it through cheese cloth again

Step 10: Refrigerate during the night to separate the butter from the cream and water

When you take the butter out of the liquid you are advised to gently scrap any remaining particles off of the bottom of the butter itself and then, “Voila!” Delicious and great for use in anything you would use butter in!


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  1. Actually,it does bond very well, Coconut has more monostauated fat per gram and this makes it the best oil to use. Double boleir is ineffective when making ABV cannaoil. Best way to do this is use water a buffer in your mix get the water boiling (water cannot exceed 212df) mix in either oil or butter (and your herbs) keep just enough water in the pot to act as the buffer you will need to add more water but less attention to the bubbly mass will be nice for blazing while it cooks. After a minimum of 2 hours strain out herb or abv, aslo a metal strainer will never get out half of the sediment, you need cheese cloth and you only need to strain your stuff once. pour all your water oil mix while warm into a big glass mason jar and put in in your freezer. when you wake up (hopefully you passed out from blazing your face off). You will open you freezer and see something like a project you did in elementary school and all the water(brown/green crap) will be on the bottom and your deliciously XTR3MLY potent oil will be on top. I pore mine into a massive measuring cup and just flip it over and the mass falls out and i split the oil from the water and through the water away. I hope this helps everyone make much more potent abv edibles.